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PACTEC is a not-for-profit, non-government organization with financial support from DG ECHO, passenger contributions, and its own resources.

PACTEC serves more than 200 agencies and humanitarian groups in Afghanistan. In operation since 1997, PACTEC provides a comprehensive humanitarian aid program, including communications support. 30 expatriate staff, four aircraft and some 100 communications systems provide some of today's most powerful tools for overcoming formidable barriers; such as vast regions, rugged landscape, and decimated infrastructures that impede travel and communications.

Aviation Services

PACTEC planes and pilots provide logistical support and transportation to many of Afghanistan's remote regions. We support medical efforts and provide air ambulance services, as well as security evacuations. By flying to isolated areas, we help to extend the work of relief and medical personnel and can deliver supplies for clean water projects, schools, and hospitals. We are often called on to transport the personnel and resources to disarm antipersonnel mines.  Book a flight now!

Short Film Documentary About Our Work

"On Wings of Hope" is a video about about a boy who's life is forever changed. It also highlights the people we serve, the remote locations we reach, the training we provide, and environment that PACTEC works with in every day.
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